Roadways Express Limited (formerly Impra Group Limited)

Roadways Express Limited acquired the business of VBH Assets Limited (formerly Impra Gas Limited) on 10 January 2020.  As part of this agreement, Roadways Express Limited took over some boiler servicing arrangements for customers of VBH Assets Limited.

Roadways Express Limited went into liquidation on 18 September 2020 and the company has ceased to trade.  It is not therefore in a position to carry out any services.  We are aware of several customers of the company who have been affected by this.

As you will not be getting the boiler servicing you have paid for, you are entitled to make a claim against the company in liquidation for the money you have lost.  We do not, however, anticipate there being any funds to make a distribution to creditors so unfortunately this is likely to be a waste of your time.  If you do nonetheless wish to make a claim in the liquidation then please email us at and we will let you have the relevant paperwork.

We are not able to help customers of the company to arrange boiler servicing elsewhere.

Please note that VBH Assets Limited is also in liquidation.  We are not dealing with that liquidation.

Published December 22, 2020