C W Textiles Ltd trading as Expectations

We have been made aware of an inaccurate statement on a website in connection with this retailer.  For the avoidance of doubt:

C W Textiles Ltd is not yet in liquidation.

Herron Fisher has not sold the stock or anything else.  However, the company has, as it had to vacate its unit.

Baker's Dozen

Herron Fisher celebrate thirteen years of business in both Croydon and Eastbourne.

Thank you to all our friends and contacts.  We are glad to have helped so many people over the years and we look forward to helping a lot more.

Herron Fisher at Sutton United

We were delighted to be the corporate match ball sponsor at Sutton's game against Hartlepool.  Chris's father was a lifelong supporter of Hartlepool and thankfully honour was satisfied on both sides by an exciting two all draw.

The man of the match was Gime Toure, pictured with us here.